Red & Jerry's in Englewood, CO

Address 1840 W Oxford Ave  (MAP)
Englewood, CO 80110
Phone 303-783-0655
5 / 5
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$1.00 Dom. Beer Bottle 12oz Bud Light Bottles M brandon
$1.50 Imp. Beer Bottle 12oz Coronas M brandon
$1.50 Dom. Beer Bottle 12oz Rolling Rock Bottles F brandon
$2.50 Dom. Beer Bottle 12oz Michelob Ultra R brandon
$2.50 Dom. Beer Bottle 12oz Miller Lite Bottles Sa brandon
$2.50 Dom. Beer Bottle 12oz Miller Lite T brandon
$3.00 Imp. Beer Pint 16oz Import Drafts W brandon
$3.00 Mixed Bev/Liq Glass Margaritas T brandon
$3.00 Mixed Bev/Liq Shot KamiKazes W brandon
$4.00 Mixed Bev/Liq Glass Bloody Marys Su brandon
$4.00 Mixed Bev/Liq Glass Long Island Iced Teas Sa brandon
$5.00 Mixed Bev/Liq Glass Vodka/RedBulls F brandon
$5.00 Mixed Bev/Liq Shot Mind Erasers R brandon
$6.00 Dom. Beer Pitcher Miller Lite Pitchers Su brandon
$7.00 Microbrew Pitcher Sam Adams Pitchers Su brandon

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