Two Keys Tavern in Lexington, KY

Address 333 South Limestone  (MAP)
Lexington, KY 40508
Phone (859) 254-5000
3.5 / 5
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Come enjoy any game with your favorite food and drinks, accompanied with 20 flat screen televisions, including a projector! It doesn't get any better than this!!

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Price Type Size Description Available Posted By
$1.00 Dom. Beer Pint 16oz Ice Cold Budlight or Budweiser M T W R F Happy Hour Price Cdaniel28
$1.00 Dom. Beer Tall 22-24oz $1 Mug Night 22oz. Draft refills M Su Cdaniel28
$2.00 Mixed Bev/Liq Glass $2 Tuesday with Goldfish Racing T Cdaniel28
$2.00 Dom. Beer Pint 16oz $2 Tuesday with Goldfish Racing T Cdaniel28
$2.50 Dom. Beer Bottle 12oz M T W R F Sa Su Cdaniel28
$2.50 Dom. Beer Tall 22-24oz 24 oz. PBR Cans M T W R F Sa Su Cdaniel28
$3.00 Mixed Bev/Liq Other $3 Martinis Every Friday F Cdaniel28
$3.50 Imp. Beer Bottle 12oz Two Keys offers over 28 types of beer M T W R F Sa Su Cdaniel28
$5.00 Dom. Beer Pitcher Domestic Pitchers (3-7pm) M T W R F Happy Hour Price Cdaniel28
$5.00 Dom. Beer Pitcher Rolling rock, Bud, and Budlight T W Cdaniel28
$14.00 Mixed Bev/Liq Other Fishbowls 64oz. of love M T W R F Sa Su Cdaniel28

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TJordan wrote on May 29 at 9:17 am

Two Keys is perhaps the most over-rated college bar in Lexington. Catering to a largely undergrad (which is fine) and underage (not so fine) audience, the bar staff and bouncers operate as though they're operating an exclusive club, as they kick people out on a whim.

After a drunk patron tried to pick a fight with my friend, who was trying to pass by on the overcrowded patio, my friend and I were forcefully removed from the premises by the bouncers, two of whom made numerous threats. As one nearly pushed me over, I grabbed onto his arms. He said, "Don't touch my arms or I'll really f**k you up." The bouncers offered no explanation for escorting us off the premises, and they joked about it with the person who originally tried to provoke a fight. Ryan M., the on duty Two Keys manager, stood and watched as his bounce staff made threats and used excessive force, but he was unwilling to answer questions.

Don't go here. They'll take your cover and then kick you out.

Lupe wrote on Nov 30 at 5:20 pm

I do have to say brings back hay day s of college life. I can say that if you are looking for goofy drunks then this is the place to be and if you are not then stay out.

jamijo wrote on Oct 30 at 11:05 pm

stereotypical college bar. wasnt impressed and i got drinks spilled on me by drunk girls who clearly had no idea what their limit was. On thursday nights they say "all you can drink" but that only included coors and miller light and some bottom shelf well drinks like screwdrivers and bourbon and coke.. the drinks werent good enough to go back. i had an awful time.

linds wrote on Sep 30 at 8:38 pm

Is all you can drink still on thrusday nights??? Does this just include beer or other things??? Thanks for help!!!

Nicholas wrote on Oct 30 at 8:03 pm

Did I hear underage college girls?

JohnnyJ wrote on Oct 30 at 12:32 pm

Best college bar in Lexington, always full and always a good time, that is if you like underage college girls!

toddorama wrote on Oct 29 at 11:12 pm

More of a dumb person's bar.

Andy wrote on Oct 23 at 7:58 pm

Two Keys always a blast the patio is excellent and the dance floor is actually a little spacious

Nicholas wrote on Oct 12 at 5:19 pm

College is back in session...students have returned...Two Keys is going to get crazy!

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